Safety and Quality Policy

Safety and Quality Policy

The “D-Composites” Quality System aims at ensuring good company practices, final products complying with standarts and requirements. The “D-Composites” Quality System aims at continuously improving the process and products created in the “D-Composites” operations. This should result in decreasing the number of failures or deviation from the established standard, as well as decreasing the resulting cost for lack of quality.

By minimizing failures and deviation – obtaining precision in all work performed – the operation will be more efficient and profitable. In the end, this will also contribute to continually increasing safety level.

The Quality System also aims at ensuring the fulfilment of all applicable AS9100 / ISO9001 requirements. These are the minimum quality requirements and are included in “D-Composites” quality objectives as stated in different manuals, handbooks, and instructions.

The design and production organization Quality System is a part of “D-Composites” overall Quality System. It is therefore very important to assure that the systems work as one Quality System and thus work well together and forces the organization in to the right direction.

The Quality System, as described in this manual, is established by the “D-Composites” Accountable Manager. The principles and procedures stated here shall be adhered to by the design and production organization. The Quality Policy is the overall quality intentions and directions of “D-Composites” production organization as regards to quality.

Every customer of “D-Composites” production organization shall be dealt with in a courteous manner, and receive exactly the product or service it is agreed upon. Because the customer will ascertain the quality of such products and services to be valuable, the customer will be satisfied in continued business with “D-Composites” production organization.
In serving our customers, “D-Composites” safety and quality policy always apply the following priorities:

  • Safety is as a prime consideration at all times
  • Human factors principles shall be applied
  • All personnel are encouraged to report design, maintenance, production and procedure related errors/incidents
  • Compliance with procedures, quality standards, safety standards and regulations is the duty of all personnel
  • All personnel shall cooperate with the Quality Auditors.
  • Ensure that safety standards are not reduced by commercial imperatives
  • Ensure good use of resources and pay particular attention to carry out correct corrective actions at the first attempt.
  • Train all organization staff to be aware of human factors and set a continuous training program in this field.

For all our services and activities, clear and measurable standards for quality shall be established. This will permit our customers and ourselves to determine if agreed standards are fulfilled or not, and we can make corrective actions if such should be required.

We shall always strive to improve, by doing things right – the first time. We shall be efficient, work smarter, and look for better ways to satisfy our customer’s needs.

The Quality System shall be the ruling principles for “D-Composites” design and production organization to ensure safe operational practices and quality services provided. International Standard Organization Quality system principles will be followed in order to reach quality objectives in all company activities.

The objective of Quality Meetings is to provide information to the management about quality audits and other issues that are relevant in order to improve the Quality System. Quality Meetings take place once in six months and are chaired by the Quality Manager. After each Quality Meeting the Quality Manager prepares the Minutes of Meeting and insert then in the Quality folder located on company file server.

The effort to satisfy customers is not limited to commercial customers only. Realize that everybody of your colleagues expects you to deliver services or activities of a certain quality.