Your Trusted Partner in Composite, CNC & Metal Parts Production

Leading-edge Manufacturing Facility

As a full-cycle facility we design, manufacture, assemble and offer complete engineering solutions for composite materials and metal parts.

Along with composite solutions we also offer machined and sheet metal aircraft parts manufacturing and complete assembly.

Design & Engineering


Qualification Support


Bespoke Composite Solutions

Our team’s technical expertise and decades of experience let us provide bespoke solutions for the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and other industries from design, to manufacturing to assembly. We strive to deliver world-class composite parts and assemblies on time and on budget.






CNC machining centre

For model production we use Bellotti VEGA Series CNC machining centres which are the best for production of aluminium, composite materials and resin milling applications.

This concept represents the answer to the high demand of the leading industries in the Aerospace, Nautical/Marine and Automotive fields and in general of the major pattern makers and composite parts manufacturers.

Technical Capabilities

5 axies

X 7500 mm (max rapid speed 100m/min)
Y 3200 mm (max rapid speed 100m/min)
Z 2000 mm (max rapid speed 45m/min)
C +/- 270° (max rapid 208,3°/s)
A +/- 120° (max rapid 121,5°/s)
Precision 0.022 mm
Spindle power 25 kW max 20000 rpm (peek power 35kW)
Numerical control unit SIEMENS 840D SL



Useful diameter 2,500 mm

Useful length of the body 8,000 mm


Working temperature up to 250 ºC (Adjustable)

Working pressure up to 8 bar (Adjustable)

CNC Cutting machine EASYCUT 1620 CV

For cutting RAW material

Max. diameter of material roll: 300 mm

Max. weight of material roll: 100 kg

Max. thickness of material: max. 45 mmMax. working width: max. 1.600 mm

Drag knife V-Cut with adjustable knife angle 15° - 22,5° - 30° - 45° - 60°

Solidworks 3D CAD

Dramatically improve the way we develop and manufacture products. As the foundation for the entire Solidworks suite of product development solutions.

Solidworks CAD packages cover design, simulation, cost estimation, manufacturability checks, CAM, sustainable design, and data management.