Sertan Erkanli 05322455776 To whom it may concern, is a global software organization that is principally engaged in the subjects, listed below: – The development of the directory for Aeronautics, Space and Defense platforms, systems, subsystems, and components, – Creating a global network for main platform manufacturers, service providers, distributors, and original equipment manufacturer companies, – Providing collaboration between Educational, Research Institutions and Companies, – Increasing the marketing effectiveness of Companies, – Connecting visitors with useful information in the Aeronautics, Space, and Defense sectors. So far more than 100 Companies are listed on the website. 34 companies have AS 9100 certificates. How will you benefit from defensebridge? – Website exposure, – Free advertising, – Improved local visibility, – Boosts brand image, – Boosts SEO, – Networking through B2B, – Improves trust and credibility, – Faster Indexing, – Quality Traffic, – Deals. We would appreciate it if you visit our free of charge website and become a member. Web Adress : Thank you for your interest and time. We look forward to hearing from you soon. FAQ: How do I publish my Company? Publishing your company in defensebridge is quick and simple. You can go to the “Advertise” page and click the “Listing Option”, and the “Start today” button of the listing plan you prefer. Follow the simple instructions and let us know if you need any help. Once you have created your company it will be placed in the publishing queue. When your listing has been reviewed and accepted by our team it will be published on our website and available to our visitors. In your Dashboard, you can check the status of your company and update it at any time. Best regards, Dr. Sertan Erkanli (PMP) Electrical and Computer Engineer Founder at defensebridge