Reinis 26631282 Dear Sir or Madam. My name is Reinis Selga and I am structural engineer representing company called Aerodium Technology. We are one of the leading companies in Europe, specialized in wind tunnel (skydiving simulator) design. We are currently looking for a company which is capable of: 1) Designing fan blades according to our provided aerodynamic shape 2) Providing us with FEM analysis and a structural report to verify that the blade meets structural requirements 3) Provide us with detailed drawings of fan blade showing materials and blade lamination composition 4) Manufacturing the blade according to design and provide knowledge regarding manufacturing stages of the blade General specs of our fan: max RPM = 1200 (Nominal RPM = 1000) Diameter of the ventilator = 3400mm Diameter of the hub: 1200mm Blade width ~ 0.25 m 8 blades per ventilator + 1 spare blade It would be great to know your production possibilities – lead times and costs. Hope for your soonest reply and start of a good cooperation.